Portal 2 - New engine or old hope?

It’s been confusing me for a while now, do you people think portal 2 will be packaged with a brand spanking new engine or a modified version of the Left 4 dead/OB SDK?

Pics (Sort-of)




I think it’s just the old engine but with nice updates.

This is the same old and nice Source with upgrades.
And i hope, that Valve won’t never change to “model based engine”

This. The reason I cannot stand UDK or Sandbox 2 is that, though nice looking and easy to learn, it cannot do as much as Source and does not require as much skill. With Source, everything doesn’t look the same is what I mean, or at least one has the potential to make something that really stands out.

They should keep the source engine until they’re starting with HL3.
I would like to see every single source game updated to the final source version in the future. (but you can switch to the original out of the box old version whenever you want)

Well if you look at the shadows on those moving platforms (note the lightmap-style look on a moving surface), my guess is there will at least be some form of lighting upgrade.

Although given the success of the L4D/2 addon support system, I think Portal 2 will probably come with some sort of addon support system and probably some kind of “Portal 2 Authoring Tools” like L4D.

I’m hoping for some dx10-11 support. Global lighting and ambient occlusion, even if they leave out for console commands.
And also dynamic lighting, that would allow lots of creativity.

They will probably upgrade Source Engine.
Better Garry’s Mod, yay!

Quad core optimization, yay!

The source engine is pretty, good, they just need to make it better optimised and add a few more features.

I think they’ll stick with Source.

“Meh, they’ll just edit the old Engine”

The Source Engine is made for this specific thing. Any and all can be upgraded, modified, and fully overhauled. It’s not meh, it’s awesome.

It’s even more awesome, when Valve makes Source to support Intel’s Larrabee.
(they have stated, that they will support that instead of DX11.)

The first generation of Larrabee as a GPU was canned.

" Instead, it will be released as a development platform for graphics and high-performance computing."
(Check the project status at the bottom of that wiki article)

I highlighted the magic part.

Looks to me like they’re upgraded (or replaced) their vertexlit system.

Do I see some parallax mapping in there? Or is it just me?

Computing, not gaming.

That’s like trying to argue that a Cray XT5 would be a good gaming computer.

How can making things out of blocks be superior to direct geometry editing?

it’s not superior, just easier


to some people, that is