Portal 2 Won't Play Custom Sounds

Hi. I’m making a map for P2 w/ a custom sound. Preview in Hammer works, but it doesn’t play in-game. The console says its missing from directory. It’s in the same path of P2, but it still won’t work. Any fixes?

Try snd_rebuildaudiocache while ingame. It will take a few minutes though.
If it still doesn’t work, check that the ambient_generic is named correctly and that the sound is in sound\ or any of it’s subfolders.

It’s the same as with L4D2: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/L4D2_Custom_Sound_and_Music_Tutorial

One of the downsides of the new engine version.

Why does Valve keep making bad engine decisions? First with the damn addons (you can’t download maps ingame, you need to install them as an ‘addon’), then with breaking the sounds (stated above), and now they have yet to release an easy way to join/create custom co-op games (ingame in Portal 2).

The tools are in beta. What do you expect?