Portal Chamber Ideas

So hello,
Let me tell you abit about myself first. Im a 16 year old level designer with 5 years experience. Mostly with the source engine, but also with the cryengine. Ive been abit dry on ideas latley for a map and really lost motivation to map at all. But now, that I’ve gotten a good look at Portal 2, I really got that motivation back . So Ive started a portal campaign today. Just a few hours ago actually. Here is a quick look on what I got so far




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Its a decent start, but I plan to work more on it. However I want to start to block out the rest of the stuff before tho. So I decided to do just that, when I relized I have no idea what kind of puzzles to throw at the player

So I thought I’d ask the very creative people of Facepunch for help. And I’d think that it be fun for those around here that can’t map but have great ideas for a portal map.

So if you have an idea please just post it here! Even if its not the best idea, all ideas can be manipulated for the better, or even combine it with someone else idea. Everything is possible.

Please try to explain as good as possible, and sketches are always useful.

Oh okay when I read the title I thought it was going to be a competition.

In the pics couldn’t you of just shot a portal on the top wall and go through a portal down below to make it on top?

Oh yeah also portal was very exact about its brushes. Everything aligned with the textures.

level design and playability goes above everything in portal maps.

I thought I mentioned that I just started and it still needed some work on it? Anyway, the player doesnt have the portalgun yet here, and even with it, he would have made it there, ive tried.

:smile: Still good to throw out tips.

:psyduck: And that explains why there is a portal gun up there. Give me books.

I do hope to see some interesting maps come out of this.

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Yeah, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:
Im hoping that people will start post some neat ideas tho, Im asking my friends too, getting desperate haha :slight_smile:

One that has something to do with water. :buddy:

When you do the obligatory “behind-the-scenes” moments you should have triggers set up to move certain bits of the scenery like walls and stuff, like in the Portal 2 trailer. That’d be awesome.

And I kinda want to get back into mapping for Portal. Might try in a sec.


Where’s that thread where the people were making a Portal 2 themed community map project?

There wasn’t one. As far as I remember.

Uh, yes there was, I remember one being set up when the first images of Portal 2 were released.

The valve games and mods section.

Loving the map. The Portal-y architecture is fantastic.

Dude I just got a amazing idea, holy crap thanks!

I can’t find it :ohdear:


You have to use cheap water, remember that. Portals like to mess with the real time reflections. :v:

Thanks man

Ill post some pics for you guys when I think its ready. Feel free to post more ideas tho :slight_smile:

Flooded test chamber or a chamber like the one where you get the portal gun (where the gun’s shooting at the walls) except it’s going really fast and you already have the completed portal gun.

What about a test chamber that is only halfway through being made, so you can see scaffholding and stuff?

All great ideas, Ill use em. Any thoughts on puzzles?