Portal Demo - Gmod?

Hey, i just downloaded the Portal : First slice demo on steam, and i was wondering if it was possible to get the materials and stuff into gmod to work the portal gun swep/download. Is it possible, and how? thanks for any help givin.

I think you can extract the materials from the GCF files but the Portal Gun won’t work either way.

why not?

Just get over it: the Portal Gun won’t work.

Reasons your little mind wont understand.

The portal gun is coded into the game it self, Gmod weapons (The ones you download) Use a language called Lua, The Portal gun is not made in Lua it is Made in C++ and compiled into the game. You can make good replica’s in Lua but Not exactly the same

The best, and only actually working one right now is blackops’s, but it has bugs too, like players not being able to go through vertically. (He has an svn, http://gmodportalgun.googlecode.com/svn . )


You’ll need jinto’s renderx module too, to see through the portals right. (The portal visuals part of his module ISN’T in gmod, like the rest of his module is…) .

the old portal gun swep will not work because of that it was made on a different garry’s mod engine version

…And blackops’ will. Read.

Why do people insist on nameing the Sourse Engine after their favorite Source Game
Sure there are different versions of the Source Engine, But its all the same engine the same.

Garry talked about this ages ago. He said it can’t be done because it’s a debugging nightmare porting it over.

What benjojo said also applies.

The best you can do is try to find some lua portal gun remake and use it. It isn’t perfect, but hey, better than nothing.


Alright, Lost of people do that though, it frustrates me. D:

Then what the FUCK are you still posting retarded replies for? Just get blackops’s and move on…

It’d be illegal to extract the models for Garry’s Mod.

Not from a demo