Portal Doors?


is it possible to spawn these Portal Doors in GMOD?
I mean these doors: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs20/f/2007/259/4/6/Portal_Door_Wallpaper_by_dj_corny.jpg


Yes. you need to own Portal though.
This is totally they wrong section.

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Sorry for putting the Thread in the wrong section.

I dont really know, what you mean with this, but okay o_O

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Ah okay ^^ I will save it in my brain.

Wrong section, What does spawning doors in Garrys Mod have to do with level design.

Well, Portal is free at the moment. So, when i buy GarrysMod now:
Will GarrysMod accept this version of Portal or must i buy Portal?

The free portal is the actual game.