Portal flow 15 hours or more.

When I compile my map it’s a pretty big map so anyways when I compile it was at portalflow8… For over 15 hours and counting is this normal or should I cancel the compile since it’s taking forever I already tried optimizing it…

Optimizing it how?

Using nodraw on stuff that can’t be seen reduccing lightmaps and grouping some things

You need to turn all your small, detail brushes into func_detail so that they no longer break VIS groups apart.

Basically every world brush that doesn’t block the player’s view. (Leave walls world brush, but turn window frames/small pillars/stuff like that into func_detail entities.)

Nodraw helps barely with optimization, but it’s a good start to nodraw faces that the player will never see (rooftops, below displacements, behind large models, etc.). Grouping objects/brushes don’t contribute to optimization; they’re only used to make your in-hammer experience less time consuming. Read here.

So should I just leve it where it’s at or cancel the compile

cancel and otpimize it better. A normal compile shouldn’t take much longer than a few minutes.

K it’s better but the water is invisible I know there’s a leak I did a pointile and it points to my little info teleport destination guy? Also one area of my map gets me stuck and like stops me when I get out of noclip in it


Fixd it but I can’t find the leak to fix the water even with pointfile…


SweetSwifter i added you on steam can accept

It’s doing it again and I did everyThing that can help it almost been an hour and it’s at 6…


by help it I mean optimize


Is there anything to do to make it go faster

func_detail small objects that basically aren’t walls/roofs/won’t block visibility. For example, stairs, railings, even counters I’d say.

I did still slow as a mother

Post an in hammer screenshot please.

Of what

Of the grids? Maybe a 3D view of your largest area?

Ummm the whole map is freaking huge like a big ass map like it almost takes up the whole grid this is my first noob build map it has train tracks plane space flatgrass water flatgrass and water combined and a carctesting area and a button tht plays ravebreak but I don’t think it’s good enough to put in fp.

You know we have two question megathreads, correct? You can just post in there instead of making a whole new thread every time you have a problem. Keeps the mapping section a little cleaner.

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If your water doesn’t show up, click it using the select arrow, then click “toWorld” and make sure that if you ever accidently click it again, press “toWorld” again to de-select it otherwise it will go invisible again. Weird, huh?

Ok, what i do to resolve leaks is to just put a large hollow box around my map, effectively sealing leaks. HOWEVER, if there IS a hole leading to the outside of my map, i won’t be able to find it until i run the map.

Now group up details [like brush-based machines etc.] and tie them to func_detail, and leave major walls and floors as standard world brushes, be aware that these walls are NOT carved as this splits the visgroups as well.


Maybe, some ‘plain’ maps seem to actually be worthy of a download. Someone made a fractal [AKA spamming of triangles in HAMMER] and that map was the most popular!

But yeah, all those tracks should be func_details. And the ravebreak button might not be neccessary for a map… Unless theres a whole disco room.

That is the opposite of what he needs.