Portal Flow Stops Responding at 1...2

Hey guys my title pretty much tells it all. When I render my map the compiler crashes at portal flow 1…2, i’ve tried to turn vis off and the map works fine but the water dose not render. Anybody who can tell me how to fix that would be great!

Leak. Fix it.

or not optimized

at all

No matter how good your computer is, your Hammer will seem to “Crash” / be non-responsive when compiling Portal Flow. VVIS. You just have to wait it out. You won’t be able to do anything while it is compiling as it takes almost 100% CPU to compile a map. The compile process is as follows: “1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…” for every .1 that you go forward, it’s double the time before. So, if going from 1 to 1. would take a second. Then 1. to 1… will take 2 seconds. So on. Optimizing and ensuring there is no leak will speed this up.

Hope this helped!

Or just use a different compiling program

water doesn’t render = there’s a leak

Load the pointfile and figure out where the leak is and then fix it.

When PortalFlow gets “stuck”, it generally means that you have too many visleafs. Chances are that you have brushes that should be func_detailed but aren’t.

If you have a large open area where everything can be seen from anywhere, you might want to use this: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Func_viscluster
It won’t actually optimise your map in any way but it will tell the compiler that the visleafs inside it can see each other, which saves time when compiling.

Theres no possible way that their is a leak because the map is in one big skybox and optimizing it i’ll try all you do is make everything fun_detail right?


You make small detail objects func_detail. You ensure the skybox is tight around the map. You use hints, occluders, and viewportals efficiently.

Leaks are caused when an entity can see into the void. Displacements, entities and water do not seal the map. Entities also include func_detail and func_brush.