Portal gamemode idea

Hello, guys.
Well, I had this crazy idea the other night of a portal gamemode for gmod 10: capture the cake. Basicaly, there are two teams, and everyone are equiped with portal guns (no other weapons, just portal guns).
The objective is to get the cake. Team 1 starts off with the cake and got to keep it as long as possible, while Team 2 is trying to steal the cake from Team 1 and get it to their base. If Team 2 gets the cake, Team 1 gotta steal it back. The team that has the cake when the time runs out wins.
So, in this gamemode there’s no such thing as shooting the enemy, you gotta think with portals to win. Teleport each other to different locations, steal the cake from each other, make giant jumps like in portal etc. When a player got the cake and an enemy touches the player, the player dies and drops the cake. Now the enemy is free to take the cake. If no-one got the cake when the time runs out, then one of the teams need to get the cake to their base to win.

Maybe it’s a stupid idea, but it was an idea I got… What do you guys think?

Those portals gonna lag up the server bigtime.

Got idea tho, would be awesome. :slight_smile:

There is already a portal gamemode for gmod 9 its the portal trailer map its on as well.

LOL tacular, but the Touch2Die thing makes it too easy to get the cake.

Yeah, didn’t really think of that… I guess it depends on the server connection.

Yeah, I know, but I couldn’t really figure out a better way. I mean, this way you gotta stay far away from the enemy and always be on your guard when you got the cake!

Really? I didn’t know that… How is it like? Is it anything like my idea? Oh, and I was pointing more torwards gmod 10, but okay.

Great idea, but a portal gun to do “jump into a hole and fly out faster” is still being made

Hey, thanks! Yeah, I am well aware of that… I haven’t found a working glitch free portal gun either. Some update ruined them all. I just had this idea and decided to post it, though.