Portal + Gmod 10

How will my experience playing the game vary?
I’m not allowed to get any more games as of now, I went over budget.
If I were to download HL2 and then play, what would be different? Do I still get all the guns, locations, objects, ect. as I would using HL2?

Instead of buying 2 dames separately just buy the orange box… That has 5 games… For the price of 1 Game… Then save up 10$ and buy Gmod… That is if you don’t have it…

Standard Procedure of Steam buying…


You didn’t answer my question.
I HAVE Portal.
I HAVE $11.
How different is Gmod with HL2 than Portal?
EDIT: Thanks Disco.

the HL2 stuff is already in gmod so you don’t need HL2 :wink:

Garry’s mod comes with all the HL2 stuff you need. (Doesn’t include episode 1 and 2 stuff)