Portal Gun for GMod?

Downloaded Handheld portal device and installed

When I try to use it ini GMod, I get a bunch of messages which read

entities/m_portal/_init.lua XXX Bad Argument

#2 to set material texture (ITexture expected, got nil)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I only have the original HL2. I do not own Portal.

I think you need portal for it.

I dont think you do - I had it work without portal.

The reason you get those errors is because the Portal Gun Swep is really broken, it has been since the Gmod 2007 update.

i have the same porblem

It’s broken beyond repair, just remove it

So… There is no way to use HPD in gmod 2007?
Edit: I mean OB Gmod…

There is no Gmod 2007.

It’s broke.

You knwo what, the portal sweps never work. I’ve tried them all. Just dont bother…

what about taking the “weapon_portalgun.txt” from the “portal content.gcf” script folder then putting it in the script folder of gmod which is in this location “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps&lt;username here>\garrysmod\garrysmod\scripts”? it might work, i see other weapons with the “weapon_<weapon name here>.txt” so it might work but i will need to test it.

1: Old thread.
2: Wouldn’t work.

it didnt work…