Portal Gun for Gmod

Can somebody make a portal gun for gmod?

What about looking at garrysmod.org first?

–That one should work

all of the portal guns dont make sound plz help?

Overv is really cool and stuff.

I talk about a fully working portal gun

None of the portal guns will work, and no one will make a portal gun because it takes a HUGE load of work, and would be bugged as hell, because Lua doesen’t offer the same functionality like C++ (like portal 2).

And garry said, he will NOT add the portal gun to garrysmod, so you can forget it.

All the portal guns are crap. Don’t waste your time looking. If you’re an lua modder, you can try to make one using portal entities. But all of the results will either be filled with glitches or just won’t work.