Portal gun for gmod10?

Has it been created? From my searching, one for an older gmod was created, but doesn’t function properly anymore.

Let me upload mine to an SVN hold on

I have seen lots of them but most wont work at all…where have you been searching?

I’m pretty sure there arn’t any that work on the updated GMod.

By the way, the latest GMod is GMod 11. I don’t know if yours isn’t updated or that’s an error.


There is no “Gmod 11” it’s just called GarrysMod.

Also http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=783245

Those are outdated blackops I have one with near-perfect player portaling. The only thing that doesn’t work is Floor > Wall player portaling.

So, Altimor, do you have a link to an SVN? Or possibly even better a beta?