Portal gun going to be in gmod?

So, Episode 2 is coming out soon…Is the portal gun going to be able to be used in gmod? I think one of the main problems is going to be some paradoxes. One thing I can think of is if you put a portal into a wall, then put the second one on a door you spawned and then threw the door into the first portal.

If you want it, you can learn Lua and code it yourself.

No, the portal gun will not be in GMod and Lua cannot make the same portal gun.

It can still make a portal gun nonetheless.

Couldn’t, if garry got the code for it, it be implemented into gmod though? I remember a comment like that about gmod 10

Lua in GM10 probably could.

I wanted to have a go at it, but just haven’t had the time.

Yeah but it would be really hard to do it. You would also have to have the object pass through it and not teleport

I doubt they will unless garry really begged them or gave them some sort of profit, whats the point of playing portal if the portal gun is on another mod that costs less?


It’s close.

Seeing as the Portal Gun is in fact a different mod I doubt it.

I’m talking about the RT cam part of it. Making the object glide through is much easier, although it would cause problems if the exit portal was shot into a thin wall. :ninja:

Who cares about the RT camarea part it is all ready close enough.

The Portal gun can be in Garry’s mod 10, but not untill Valve or who ever is working on it give him the code.

We don’t need no code.
It should already be possible, one way or another.

did jinto take the portal gun out? why?

What does this have to do with Ep. 2?

It comes with it.

Check the internet, a video search for “Portal” yields about 30 incarnations of the trailer and video of a portal-mod for Gmod9. It’s been done already, ask the guy who posted this. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4150725320990661695&q=portal

that portal gun is awesome, i would love it in any game!

anyone got link to mr portal dude in the video.