Portal gun ( no, I do know that it is broken ,but I have got an Idea)

Hello facepunch , so I know that Mahalis portal gun have Physics , that actually works, but you cant see through portals . In blackops portal gun physics is really buggy , but you CAN see through portals . So can someone just look the code ( with permission of course) and combine these portal guns .
I know that this is a dumb request, but I want to have Portal gun in gmod SOOOO much .

worth a try…

Heres an idea! Try it yourself!

Couldent make any sense out of it, none of the portalguns work and i cant get them to work at all…

Blackops SVN works , there are just a bug , that if you place portal on the floor , you get stuck in it .


Do you have any Idea why did I post in in requests?

Couldent find blackops SVN, atleast not a working version. the SVN i found used some functions that was removed back in '08

Someone should count how many times a month someone requests a portal gun.

BlackOps used RenderX so you can see through them, but it’s most likely broken now.

I’d like this alot. Blackop’s portal gun is glitchy… I wish Mahalis’ still worked.

Everyone got portal from the deal and suddenly portal guns were garrysmod.orgs most downloaded addon. LOL.

No seriously portal guns would be nice to have.

they would be nice, but they would need a full recode


My screenshot , Ive done it a week ago .
SVN : http://gmodportalgun.googlecode.com/svn



One more

thats odd, i think i had same SVN and it used some ancient functions

May I ask how you did that? I downloaded from that same SVN link and it doesn’t work. Only on walls.

It works only on walls ( for player) But for props it works well everywhere.
BTW I know , why didnt it work for some people :
RenderX http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4266088/facepunch/gmcl_renderx.zip


Put in lua/includes/modules

Garry added renderx into GMod, but garry changed and removed some shit, like manual render target creation most probbably

Garry’s RenderX doesnt work , download this

it does, but not to 100% like Jinto’s. gonna try this now


But you can just make it use garry’s stuff…

Smart remark.
“I’ll just request for something I can do by myself derp derp derp.”

Mini-bump, but here. http://gmodportalgun.googlecode.com/svn/

The old renderx dll is included, and I have been slowly trying to get it to work without it…

You would just have to move the dll out of addons.