Portal is UnderWater - water is flowing out from the other one, up high on the wall.

Blue one is at the bottom left underwater.
Orange is up at the top of the catwalk.
Water going through and knocking down turrets.

Scenebuild, all ingame/no edit, flatgrass_night.

looks great

but where in the name of christ did all these water splash, water, wall and floor props come from?

they’re a scenebuilder’s wet dream

The water looks like it’s a particle.

Nice picture, I enjoy scenebuilds like this. Are the portals custom models?

But why P2 scenebuilds became so poplar?

Because they like P2.

In case of flooding, look for air pockets.

this is beautiful, nghghgh

This is brilliant, always love your stuff kalixx

How do you make the portal props?

How did you get that water? btw nice pic

Pure epicnees.

I didn’t know you were still alive

I have no custom models. Except a chopper.

The “special” stuff are particles. The water is the waterizer stool.
Floor/wall stuff (they need materials):

The big wall (portal2 screenshot):

and how the wall looks like on it’s own:

You can find it in the portal2 megapack.

Because Jockey Ewing is no longer a virgin…

The purple portal is from portal 1. Apply rt-camera to it. and then to add the blue/orange do