Portal Map Concept

I’ve devised an idea for a portal map, the involves taking multiple test chambers and combining them into to one, using moving floors, walls, ceilings, ect.

I’ll be updating this thread as I go, and I should have some work to show by tonight (Thought I would just get this thread out of the way now)

If anyone has ideas, suggestions, or criticism, I’d gladly accept it.

(User was banned for this post ("No Content WIP Thread" - Terrenteller))

How about actually providing content before making a thread.


Will this be using custom textures? Also, it’s best to make a layout of the map you want to make before starting it. Shit helps a lot.

I’m more working on a concept right now (getting a level to work) and not so much the gameplay.

And as I said I’ll have content by tonight.

Opps, Ok since that happened, I’ll post pics in about an hour of the first 2 test chambers and then hopefully by the end of the week have a video of the first 2 level transitions.

Also, I was originally going to have pistons and such to move the pieces around but figured to be impossible so how about Aperture Science: Stasis Test Chamber for the name? or does someone have any better suggestions?

@Diealready, Yes for signs and things and I am making a layout.

Grrr, second chamber is taking longer than expected.