Portal Mapping Question

I have a push trigger, and a particle effect, how do i get both to go through a portal?

Wait what, if those are static portals just create the same entities on the other Portal?

You ask in Firegod’s questions thread.

Short Answer: You can’t

Long answer: The ones in portal will be specifically coded entities, not something you can hack.

Actually there’s something in the particle system settings that allow the particles to enter and exit portals. Same for brushes. Both only work in Portal though.

Probably not for entity brushes.

You cannot whatsoever have them go through a portal.

The trigger push is not necessarily a movable entity that can be parented well. It often messes with whatever you have it as the parent or the offset of the push is wrong.

I had this problem with my portal Thermal Discouragement Beam at first.

Pretty much I just placed down 2 portals in hammer, which had names (portal_blue, portal_orange) and parented a trigger_hurt to them with start disable on. Then you can use the output system for
Though it is kind of limiting.

You just do the same for trigger_push