Portal model issue (Chell eye texture)

Disabled every addon so it isn’t it, but for some reason if I spawn Chell’s ragdoll from the Portal models, her eyes are missing texture checkerboard. Can anyone confirm the issue for me? I disabled the every addon and moved the legacy ones to another folder and it still happens. I’m ported the Portal to the SteamPipe and this is a weird nagging issue.

Verify your Portal files.

Okay I will try that.
Also, my copy of HL2 didn’t really get transferred over to SteamPipe correctly (it stalled and after more than a day I decided to kill the process). Could that do break it? I forgot to mention it in the first post. (I don’t think so, but things sometimes happen for weird reasons.)

It converted, the process just kept stalling (if that’s the correct word?), but converted. Just validate your HL2 files as well and it should be fine.

I verified the files for most games and I still can’t get the eye texture to fixed. Any more suggestions anyone?

Does it let you launch Portal? Did you convert that to SteamPipe yet?

EDIT: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1271741

If you did, start up Portal and create two portals next to each other. Is the eye texture broken there? I want to isolate the issue if it’s a Portal or GMod issue.

I had trouble seeing so I used sv_cheats and a few other commands to make a portal-mirror. It looks fine here.

I’ll check when I get home. Just reopen your Portal properties and make sure you’re still on the beta. For me, it auto-disabled the beta for me for some reason.

Steampipe can attribute to 90% of the texture and model errors we get from other games.
Just wait it out, and it will be fixed.

It worked fine for me last time I tried it (yesterday), so that’s why I said wait because I was going to manually extract the eye texture for him.

EDIT: *her to be politically correct.

Actually, I’m a her :stuck_out_tongue:

But thank you very much.

Well I was just informed by someone off-site that they have the same eye texture issue. So it doesnt seem I’m alone on this.

Happening to me now too, although when you first made the thread, it didn’t :stuck_out_tongue:


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I have all of the portal content manually extracted. If you could find the name of the eye texture, then I can grab it and give it to you in an addon.

Manually extracted, all fixed. Just need to find the name of the eye texture so I can take out everything except that.


Look how happy she is :3

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Found it!

Just put this in your addons and the eyes should be fixed.


Happy you got it fixed.
Please mark your thread as solved if you no longer need help.

This is only a temp fix, Garry or Max needs to see this so they can fix this not mounting. I guess it’s “solved” but not really.

Chell’s textures are in the “materials/models/player” directory of Portal 1’s game files. (I remember it)

I already said I found it and I put it into an addon

…I normally place such into the game’s directory, by creating the “portal” folder and adding my own “models” and “materials” folders.

That way, you can make the content only be used when that specific game is mounted