Portal NPC"s

By NPC’s, i mean sentries. Can it/Has it been done?

many times…Just go to garrysmod.org you can find friendly + non friendly ones.


Should be the right one

Does it have the sounds? Because thats what makes them… ‘them’. I already have Portal Friend and Enemy turrets, but they are just modeled over the standard combine turrets.


It also lacks double turrets.

I’m sure the one I’ve got has double turrets. Also i’ve got the script somewhere for all the portal NPCs but it has an ominous “you are not allowed to use this” or something to that effect which comes up if I select them. The Portal Turret Pill has sounds and works pretty well.

Yeah, i got a pack somewhere on garrysmod.org and it says ‘sorry, your not allowed to use this npc!’ bullshit

Heres some totally irrelievant proof for you. Maybe I wont bother next time.