Portal of Despair


1080p Version


Probably my LAST picture I will be making for this forum. Until a later date! Haha. Won’t be posting as often, as I need to get my priorities straight for the next while. So Battlefield 4 comes first! :v: :v: :v:

Comments & Criticism is much appreciated!

you’re the hero we deserve but don’t take eight years like Batman

Same here! We should get the others together and see what happens when all the regulars leave for a few days, screenshot dark ages :v:

In all seriousness, I love that you keep your pictures fresh by switching up the content in them. Good work as usual.

-was supposed to be a compliment but whatever-

Awe, you’re so sweet, made me blush! :suicide: Hahaha! I’ll be make something up soon, Battlefield 4 is being a bitch for some reason, about to give up on it until later on! Huge FPS drops due to Memory Leaking in the game.

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Yeah, we’ll all hop on a game of CS:GO or BF :v: We’ll have to throw up a sign on this forum, [Vacant until further notice] Ahaha!