Portal Portals

Just installed portal, and it runs smooth as a chocolate bar, but it crashes when I look at a portal. I only have Intel® 82915G"GV"910GL Express Chipset, came with my computer. It comes up with an error message, but I don’t know if it says the memory could not be “read” or “written”, as the message is behind my frozen Portal.

EDIT: I should probably specify that this necessarily doesn’t go in this forum, but I didn’t see a Portal forum anywhere.

PC specs? Its probebly A ram issue on either your main PC, or your graphics card.

update your drivers i had the same problem and after updating my video drivers it worked perfect

Where do I go to update my drivers?

Unrelated to the topic, but my computer suddenly stopped working and when ever I turn it on it says Unsupported PCI device! What is a PCI device?

i believe a PCI device is something to do with the cpu. have you banged your pc lately?

No but a massive lightning bolt hit near our house and made my tv turn purple. could this be it?

power surge, it might have killed you pc

So is it fixable or do I have to buy a new CPU?

talking about portals i have downloaded portal gun and when i shoot it portals dont apier and when i step when i shooted i get stuck between 2 spots! so any tips what i can do about it?

That version is old and doesn’t work. To my knowledge, there is no portal gun for Garrysmod that will work flawlessly.