Portal Robot

Yeah it looks like crap at the mo, so I’m here asking for help


It needs a lot of fleshing out as you can see (also you can see the back looks much better than the front), I’d like suggestions for what to go where, please.

Woa cool! Put chels foot things on its uh feet somewhere.

That’s a good idea, currently it has turret legs :slight_smile:

The turret should go in the chest, mabey 2 side by side.

It’d probably be better to have the portal gun on the arm, and not on the leg. I can see what kinds of hell that robot would have to go through with a peg-leg portal gun.

I did try that, it looks kind of strange, I really need something torso shaped (or stomach shaped if I leave the top how it is)

Yeah, probably, but would could go instead of the ankle then?

Haha, if it kicks someone it might set off and break all sorts of physics laws.

Haha, it’s not a functioning portal gun, the claw has been removed. I’ll probably put it back when I move it to the arm though.

I dunno. Maybe an extension from GLaDOS?

Reminds me of


Neo, this looks really cool.

Think we can get a render of it when you’re closer to finished with all the original portal textures on corresponding parts?

Give it a heart of gold. And some rockin’ tits.

lol. Reminds me of cyborgs from tiberium sun

looks awesome, is the body just there for reference?

The polycount will be huge. Good luck

Double yes

In fact it’s already over 30k, gonna need some harbl optimisation

Woah, hell yeah this shit is fucking sweet.

I am not liking that arm…looks like a solid block.

It is a solid block

I like it’s head, it looks great! However the hands could use more fingers. I can’t imagine a very effective battle robot that has claw hands. Your have a good start!