portal sdk mapping question?

Hi! I’m fairly sure portal has an sdk (I’ve seen it I think), and I own portal (through the orange box) but I have no portal option when i open the source sdk, does the orange box stop me from using it? Does it not exist?
Thanks :]

Make sure you have Source SDK loaded and you played Portal.
I think you also need the Orange Box SDK, which comes with Portal, I think.

Load up Source SDK, the choose Portal form the list.

I have the orange box, and ive finished portal, but its just not in the list. i have prefabs and everything

Do you have Source SDK, Source SDK Base, and Source SDK Base- Orange Box all installed?


Did you press the Refresh SDK Content button?

no >.< it’s ‘copying’ now :]
So I guess that did it, thanks a bunch

No problem!
Just post back if it doesn’t work.

Will do, thanks! Was beginning to think I got ripped off with my sdk by getting it via orange box :stuck_out_tongue:


didnt work :’(

Oh hm.

What other games do you have?

thats my steam games