Portal Shift (Beta Testers Wanted)

Portal Shift is a map-pack I started making in my free time, no story or anything yet, it’s just a bunch of challenges that fit to the original style of Portal. I have decided that I have enough content to release a beta copy, but this is not the final version of the map. There is still LOTS more work to be done, this is only the first 3 chambers.


Please post any comments, criticism, and any major glitches/bugs that you find.

Download for the .bsp

I have run into a little problem. :frowning:


You should make a way to retrieve that if you’re as inaccurate as I am. :stuck_out_tongue:

how did you even…

I’ll add some trigger_push entities around the button so that it can’t stay like that.

Good job you asked for beta testers :v:

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I’ll test when I get home.