Portal Still Alive radio mix.

I can’t find the portal radio-style still alive mix (like the one you hear in the beginning of portal) anywhere, I have to have it somewhere because I can hear it when people play it on GMod but I just don’t know what it’s called. So yeah if anyone could just tell me what the title of the song is that be all cool and whatnot so yeah kaythanks. (I have portal.)

How hard is it to use google?

I’m talking about the radio version. The one you hear on the radio in the beginning of portal. Like what’s it’s .wav or .mp3 or .whatever name and where I would find it in my folders. Not the normal still alive with lyrics.

Use GCFScape to open ‘portal content.gcf’, then look in ‘root/portal/sound/ambient/music’ to find ‘looping_radio_mix.wav’

Are you guys fucking kidding me? Go to the video link, click more info, and there’s a fucking link to the mp3.

I never even bothered clicking on your youtube link, since youtube videos are a horrible place to get music from. Besides, if he knows how to extract it himself, he won’t be back here asking this question again, but for a different sound/song.

It’s not different… It’s the radio mp3 he wants.

Legal way :
Download that, install it.
File -> Open Portal content.gcf
browse to
right click, extract to wherever. Voila.


(picture to help you in addition to Jcw87’s post)

Alternatively if you’re talking about playing the sound in game, you can use an E2 or sound emitter with the path “ambient/music/looping_radio_mix.wav” and it will play for everybody who owns portal.

Kay awesome, thanks guys.