Portal storm in Russia


If you want this model,you can find from here.



thanks dude XD

Really nice job.

wow good job! thanks XD

Yeah dude, great job.

Posings top notch.

Would be awesome to have a 7 hour war like this.

The model looks great :smiley:
Posing and angle is great, editing is good too! (Motion blur & lights).

Going to download those guys right away :smiley:

Great models, camera-angle, posing, motion-blur and lighting. An all-round great picture.

I like it.

why does everyone think all russian soldiers use huge red stars?

really good pic!

This is pretty damn awesome.

Looks like the Hunter is about to bitch slap him, have a plaette! :buddy:

this download is dead…relink?

nvm, does this have the American Stryker (a.k.a “Honey Badger”) and the Stryker with the Cannon?

seriously, how many pages did you have to go through to get to this!?


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idk sorry about bumping, thought this contains what I seek requirement

I apolgize for bumping and I went through 23 pages of this section :frowning:

Whoa you must really want the models, but you know what could have been better?

Posting this picture on the Models & Skins section asking if someone have them and if they could reupload them, I’d bet that your request would be fullfilled easily because those models are used alot.

ah thank you I will do that

wow now this is the best most epic thing i have ever seen since…since…EVER

So Castro got banned for image macro but the guy who bumped didn’t get banned? That’s fucking dumb.