Portal textures and items and all that crap wont appear on my gmod hammer

The source sdk hammer thing i use to make maps for wont add portal things to any of all option (textures,models,doors,ect).Ive tried to find out on the internet but nothing there is useful or up to date.can anyone help, i want to make a portal like map for gmod.

if this isnt the right place to post things like this then redirect me

Seems more into the Mapping, but other then that, you need to be using the Portal config (The dropdown seen when you start SDK) to use them, otherwise, I don’t know.


Regardless, you can manually extract content from the portal GCF, and merge it into your selected mods folder paths. That will allow you to use the content when you select whatever hammer mod configuration you merged the portal content into.

Keep in mind, portals themselves are unlikely to work properly (or at all) in garrysmod. Just using the materials and models will work fine though.

and how would i do that?

Get GCF Scape.
Open GCF Scape.
Go to file->Open
Select the portal gcf (portal content.gcf)
Select the models | Materials folders, and extract them to somewhere.(Drag and drop the folders to the desktop)
Granted your Gmod configuration for hammer is loading from your gmod folder(it should be if you set it up right), move all the content to there, and merge the materials | models folder.

HUZZAH!! it worked!Many thanks!

oh and do entities like doors work as well?