Portal Textures to Episode 2 Hammer?

Is it possible to get portal 2 textures into episode 2 hammer? specifically the water textures from portal 2? Or being as its an older version of the engine will it not work?

I’ve heard alot of people saying that packaging textures over to other games is illegal, But i could be wrong.

Valve made both of these games so they wouldent have to big of a problem with it, but then again its like giving free content to people who may not have portal 2

Not if you keep it to yourself/never release it. Then it’s 100% fine

It’s pretty much illegal, but many people have done it before and released their maps and Valve has not cared to press legal action, so I assume you’re fine.

Valve stated long ago that you’re allowed to cross-port between source engine games they’ve released, but you aren’t allowed to back-port from Source to HL1 (though people have done it) or port to different engines.

So it’s bad I moved L4D2 maps to L4D1?

valve won’t press charges

It’s legal, but Portal 2 uses a new water shader not supported by older versions of Source.

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No just find a texture pack.