Portal Trishka

[release]I saw a few scenebuild threads in the screenshots section that used Trishka from Bulletstorm as an Aperture Science test subject, and I though it was a novel idea. I decided to reskin her to fit the bill.
She looks like a more rugged test subject, but I think she fits well with the environments. Yes, this hexed.[/release]



Bulletstorm - Model
fury_161 - Port
Lt_Commander - Reskin
kalixx1 - idea

Holy shit this is amazing.

Definitely hotter than “fish-head” Chell.

She looks a bit like a westernized version of faith from mirrors edge on the 2nd. one. :smiley:
Though i like the original Chell model more, Trishka seems worth a change. ^^

Good idea! Wait, that was mine it seems :slight_smile: Nice reskin! I’ll use it.

Wow! Great!

This is magnificent!

Looks quite fitting. Like a said, sort of looks like someone who’s a survival of the testing run.

This is great!

I wish she didn’t have dreadlocks, dreadlocks are so gross

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Thanks for this Lt_C.

Also, is there a original Trishka ragdoll for Gmod? I haven’t seen one released anywhere.


Sorry, just found it on Gmod.ore, again thanks for this Portal version.

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