Portal Turret Mapping Question

Do you rember in Portal when you escaped the testing chambers and you eventually made your way to a room wiht the broken turrets? I do, and I want to recreate those broken turrets in a map. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m refering to the turret with the blinking red beam that doesn’t shoot you, and the turret that goes to shoot you (opens its gun panel) but is “out of ammo.”

If anybody knows how to recreate these or has an idea how to, please post.

EDIT: Woops, those turrets are the same one.

Again, Decompile the original and have a look, valve don’t mind, aslong as you dont steal their work and say it’s yours.

There’s a flag “Start without ammo” or something like that I believe.

you could also use a prop physics with an env_beam with the right width. It is proberly a much better solution, but that’s the only thing i can think of.

I didn’t think of that Voice, I think that would be the best way, but now I have to find the right map and file.

play the game, and type cl_showfps 1 in the console, it will show you the fps, AND the name of the map you are running, then you just have to look for that one.

Or just type status

Mine is multifunctional, it shows your FPS too :smiley:

Really helpful console code, it’ll come in handy.

I found the map, its escape_01, but I tried opening it in hammer and it was basicly all errors, what did I do wrong?

Here’s my next question, how do you put a Portal turret entity into hammer so I can use it with ep2?

To make a turret so it doesn’t shoot you but still tracts you is the “Out of Ammo” Flag,
just as Legend286 said.