Portal2: Cannot see env_explosion but can hear it

So I’m having a problem here. I created a series of breakable brushes (crates), gave them some parameters that I felt would be good for maybe an explosion, but as has been stated in many places, an explosion will not spawn. It is more for how the gibs act and possibly sound.

A little later I wanted to have lasers that would set weighted cubes and other junk on fire, and I found some information on this and this is what I did:
A trigger. OnStartTouch tells an env_entity_maker to ForceSpawnAtEntityOrigin !activator
The env_entity_maker has a point_template which has 4 env_sparks, 1 ambient_generic that has sparking sounds, and 1 logic_relay.
The logic_relay. OnSpawn tells the env_sparks to StartSpark and the ambient_generic to PlaySound.
Quarter of a second later, The logic_relay tells them both to Kill (remove entities from the game).
This works as expected.

Now I figure, I could try to apply these same methods to make the func_breakables explode. So I proceed with the following:
A func_breakable. OnBreak tells an env_entity_maker to ForceSpawnAtEntityOrigin !activator
The env_entity_maker has a point_template which has 1 env_explosion, and 1 logic_relay.
The env_explosion has Magnitude set to 100, Radius override set to 128, Fireball sprite set to sprites/zerogxplode.spr, Render mode set to Additive, and no Flags set.
The logic_relay. OnSpawn tells the env_explosion to Explode, and 1 second later tells it to Kill (remove entity from the game).
When the brush breaks, I hear the metal breaking sounds, and I do Hear the explosion that I didn’t hear before, but I do not See an explosion erupting.

What am I missing in this setup? What do I need to add?

have you tried doing it without killing the env_explosion, you might not be giving the sprite enough time to animate

Make sure your spawnflags are all good, I do believe there was one that hides the effect.

I have removed the Kill for env_explosion. Flags are as follows:
Only Break on Trigger
Break on Touch
Break on Pressure
Breakl immediately on Physics
Don’t take physics damage
Don’t allow bullet penetration

Enable AutoSpawn
AutoSpawn: Wait for entity destrution
AutoSpawn: Even if player is looking
ForceSpawn: Only if there’s room
ForceSpawn: Only if the player isn’t looking

Don’t remove template entities
Preserve entity names

Only trigger once
Allow fast retrigger

No Damage
No Fireball
No Smoke
No Decal
No Sparks
No Sound
Random Orientation
No Fireball Smoke
No particles
No DLight
Don’t clamp Min
Don’t clamp Max
Damage above surface only
Generic damage

All have the same flags as set for the Laser Sparks setup, except that env_explosion doesn’t match env_sparks.