Portal2:GladosRemake chember

hey all I’M BACK!
New! UPDATE! Juni-06-19
This time it better 1 was working alot and i reconstruction GladosChember
i made alot of changes
about corridor i release that it was not same of portal 1 so i made achter way for where you come out
I’m not expert of make a maps so I’m learning alot of new Thing’s and of course try it out lol.

help needed: Glados bean for Picking up Player Lichter effect

Link Old video http://www.xfire.com/video/47b083/ “OLD”
Link New! http://www.xfire.com/video/48d73b/ sorry No sound
soon Upload wich sound

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a47qq_YSY5I wich SOUND But it is Bugged screen -.-

looks like GlAd0s pees ALOT

How is this a release?

Isn’t bad, but seems more like a WIP than a release.

lol it first time so i have more idéas but it take some time.

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If someone support me for some help :slight_smile: than it can be beter but
Buc water is not very good -.- but take time

wrong place

wrong place ? for?

don’t show your wips on release threads go to mappers

Ah. I would like to know what chembers are.


Hmmm… Add some pictures next time ;-]

Theres a video.

A picture says a million words.
A video shows a million pictures.

Hold on! Let me get my calculator.

one trillion words

Overall the map looks strange how the water is yellow. And I think its because of the lighting turned on/off. Maybe if you changed that, it wouldn’t look so yellow.

hehe i know
it not so cool but i need to fix that. but i can’t Find correct texture for it
ALso i rerebuild it

  1. Disable shadows on wall textures
  2. Fix lighting up a bit
  3. Random water?
  4. Fix the floor around GLaDOS, it looks misaligned.
  5. HOLY SHIT, GLADOS HAS A LASER EYE. But seriously, don’t put a spot light there. Use a sprite.

Do these things, and it would be golden!

.Random water: it hard to make that to make realstic
also wanne put waterfall on it

Uh… You don’t NEED it. I wasn’t calling it unrealistic…

EvilEmpire the way you type makes my eyes sad.

He’s not English, so just correct his mistakes in a friendly manner so we can help him learn.