Portal_Aperture [Hammer Test]

This was a map I created in Hammer for a friend who gave me the floorplan, and told me “Do what you can with it” So I did.

I’ve learned a lot in Hammer, and I am improving.

This map has really no point. It can be used for cinematic options, that is about it.

It is MADE to run in Portal. Though It can run in gmod, there is a portal turret inside the Test Chamber to show how the person inside died. If you load it into gmod, the turret may not be there.

Youtube Video

Note: There is talk of furries in the background of this video. You have been warned.


Here are some screenshots.

The hallway you spawn in. Dimly lit, and flickering lights. I used a ton of cubemaps for this map to make it pretty.


The observation chamber you can see a zombie. Multiple broken turrets, ETC. It was designed to look like a laboratory of some sort. There’s A couple secrets here. Can you find them?


The test chamber you can stare into. You cannot go insode, it’s just for show.


The picture quality is horrible.

I screenshotted my youtube video. Also, thanks for reminding me. I will post the link for that.

Bind F5 Jpeg
Jpeg_quality 100

Press F5 when you close console

The light in the beginning is quite harsh.

Word of advice - Don’t put lights right by the ceiling. Put them in between the floor and roof.

Again, I’m not the best at Hammer, but I’m getting there. I still have the .VMF, and will work on it. Thanks for the advice.


Again, I PrntScrned my youtube video because Portal wasn’t working at the time. I will get on later today and update the screenshots.