Ported Maps

Post Your Ported Maps

All Source Games Allowed, CS:S, L4D etc
Preferably maps ported FOR CS:S

Insurgency maps in CSS? No problem, here’s the links for 5 of them:

those we’re made specially for Zombie Nation USA Clan servers so if the (ZN) tag bugs you, you are free to change it to like dm, fy etc…
also these maps do not have a clear objective, like hostage rescue or bomb/defuse, they’re just normal Deathmatch like maps. Also i’ll maybe port all Insurgency maps for CSS.

Post your ported maps in this thread to share them with the community.

How do you post bsp maps into bsp. Other than moving the file.

Also…there is this wonderful thing called search…

L4D maps have been ported, poss some of L4D2…but you would know this if you had used the search feature on garrysmod.