Ported models from Fallout: New Vegas to props

All righty, so, I’ve got these models, and materials, that I ported from new vegas, into 3DS.
I havn’t a clue where to go from here, as to making it really come alive, into the world of Gmod.
I’d like someone to turn these into props, please!
I’ve got all the files uplaoded to 2shared, if you need anything more of me, feel free to add me on steam via my login name, maxib123. It should add me as Diabetic Walrus.

Thanks :smiley:

Oh this should be simple and you provided the files, which is better

Anyway, can you wait till tomorrow for these? As of now I’m not home but I can defiantly do them tomorrow

Yeah man, thanks again.

Also, will edit with new link. some of the stuff was cut out for some reason c.c


You’re a godsend bro.


Oh and the energy cell and 10MM ammo have skin groups