Add a new subforum under s&box for people to make a (single) thread per person for all of their projects combined.

Things like:

  • Garry’s Mod content (Older addons/gamemodes or closed source stuff that wouldn’t fit into waywo)
  • Non-source related content (Unity, unreal, mods for other games and the like)
  • Mapping/modelling
  • Web development stuff

Essentially a way to clean up the frankly stupid amounts of threads that have started popping up this week containing small often 1-2 screenshot things and to give people that just do code a place they can show off their work like the rest.

With this we could start being more strict about waywo threads in the s&box section as well, making it specifically for content made in s&box instead of everything from Half-Life: Alyx maps to models to vague gamemode ideas.

I like this

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actually i like this alot, im using one of my few vote left on this!

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I also like this.


Damn it, we’re back to doing +1 because of this vote limit. I can’t even like the post.

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+1 I can’t vote either

This will double to fix the question I had the other day about people posting gmod projects in the S&box section to “prototype”


I really like this idea, +1

+1, would avoid getting the other categories spammed.

+1, I hope this vote stuff is sorted out too…

Pretty sure I used my last vote on this but its needed :slight_smile:

I completely agree, the forums right now feel like they are super messy and barely moderated.

Kinda gives me vibes that forums are filled right now with users who never even used a forum engine before, which is a rather shame, I’d prefer to see quality posts over quantity of posts.


Had a bit of a chat about this on discord earlier and one idea that came up was that we could just… go ahead and implement it ourselves?

We’ve already got more than twice the votes of the next highest voted suggestion and the majority of regulars agree with the idea. The only part that we wouldn’t be able to do ourselves is adding a subforum for it but that could (mostly) be solved by creating a tag people can mute if they don’t want to see it.

All we’d really need to do is pick a forum section, get some people to take the initiative and hope that others follow suit.

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Are you able to add tags to threads as a regular? You might not even need to ‘hope others follow suit’ if you do that

Yeah, iirc regulars can edit thread titles, move them to different forums and add/remove tags

The bit about hoping others follow suit is more about the idea of posting them catching on in the first place, since it’d be kind of useless if we get a handful of threads followed by everyone going back to doing what they were doing before. I wouldn’t want to try and force it on people either.

Ah yeah that makes sense, a forum category for them would help with that

I’m game for the idea of just doing it, I was going to add prototype tags or portfolio tags to start grouping some threads before.

I vote we put them in the base S&Box section (un-sectioned), and all actual discussion can go into the sub sections. That section really doesn’t have a place for anything else

Then we can just add a portfolio tag

But what do you constitute as being a portfolio vs someone just giving map updates of something they will put in S&Box?

I also just looked through some things and tags like “future” could also fit

We will need some clear definitions, or are you strictly looking at people making NEW threads based on what they’ve made in the past?


The original idea was for people to make a new thread for everything they’ve made in the past and update it as they make new things, but moving over existing threads and repurposing them if that’s the first thing they’ve made probably wouldn’t have been a bad idea.

Either way with Garry having seen the idea and given his thoughts on it here I don’t think there’s much else to discuss in this thread, I’ll mark it as solved and see if that somehow releases the 37 votes or so we’ve got now.

EDIT: It didn’t


nice would be appreciated

I like this idea, it would definitely make things easier for showing off work and help prevent spam of work showoff in the Discord and other places if that makes any sense.