Portforwarding problem...?

HEllo guys, im having problems whit my portforward.

Its because it worked fine, but 2-3 days ago nothing wanted to work.
I haved checked standartgateaway and the other things, its work ok and match.
But it just dont work when im starting my server?

Sometimes if you don’t forward ALL possible ports, such as only 27015, and not 27016, and start gmod before you start the server, gmod will use port 27015, and your server will (not) use 27016

Will not use, as in will not work, because port 27016 is not forwarded, unless you have, then in that case… yea, but if your lazy like my start the server before gmod

Well thats not the problem… peoples just cant join at all… nomather what i host for…
Minecraft, css, gmod, AlterIW, and so on

Is your personal Firewall blocking outbound for your games?

I have no idea, im not good at firewall stuff and not that good at virus programs (Deleted my old because it was to buggy). if its for any help im using F-Secure Client Security

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And when im going into canyouseeme it says
Error: I could not see your service on on port (27015)
Reason: Connection refused