Portforwarding problems? halp

*I’ve port forwarded my computer for both HL2 and Garrys mod based on the instructions given at portforward.com. I still don’t see my server in the master server list, or in any tools yo check if its online.

Sorry for bad English.*

THe above was the old post. I got an Australian friend to connect to the server via steam and it worked fine. Why can’t I see my server in the master server list?

Dude, you need to give more info!

Have you opened your 192.168.0.** ip? Open cmd.exe, run the command “ipconfig” and IPv4 adress (i think) and post the 4th number (e.g., and youll post 18).

Sorry. I wrote that last night at 4:00.

I have set up a static IP for myself. (

Here are my forwarded ports:

and here are the tutorials I used:

Half life 2

Garry’s mod

Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.


Is it only server tools that report it offline? Can other things ping it at all?
Are you sure you’re at the end router? Do you have any firewalls? Does your LAN IP change?
Is the server running when you try and check, and is it running out of LAN mode?

I don’t know any other ways of pinging it. The server does appear in my LAN server list, but sv_LAN is set to 0. Also, the server has no problem connecting to the steam VAC servers, and getting the collection of mods.

You need to port forward 27015 to 27015 on both UDP and TCP.

port range 27000 to 27050 covers that already. don’t know why he has the two duplicate rules on the bottom there, though.

I just followed both instructions without thinking.

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Please read the OP again. New problem.