Portforwarding with a apple router

hi guys

i’d like to create a server, but because i can’t get my portforwarding right I can’t create one :frowning: i have a apple router and there’s no guide for it on http://www.portforward.com so im pretty much stuck. the other problem im facing is that I downloaded the stuff you need for a server but the server.cfg is missing, so can anybody help me?

what model lol
I’m embarrassed to even ask that.
And wrong section

Just go and find your router, Pick it up. and try to find out its name

How hard is it for people to comprehend it?

Also, google “server.cfg for GMod” and you will get a bunch of examples.

Server cfg? He wants to port forward lol.

On the other note.

Apple. Haha, wait you’re serious?

Add me on steam I can help you out with port forwarding and setting up your server.
It will be alot easier to do on steam chat then a forum thread