Porting a map from Halo:CE to Source

Well. Lets see.
There is a map from Halo:CE (Custom Edition), that i would like to put in Garrysmod.
only problem is, it’s in MAP format, not the BSP needed.
If there are any converters, any way to port that map, anything that will put this map in Garrysmod, please let me know!

By the way, the map is this:

It’s called “The Land of Hyrule V0.2”
It’s an EXACT replica of Hyrule field and it’s surronding area’s MINUS the temples and the Town. Everywhere else, you can go. Awesome right? :smiley:

I figure this map would make for some real fun RP’ing, building and posing. Maybe even just one of those maps where you just wanna walk around for hours and kill NPC’s.
Help would be appreciated.

Whoever does this will have their gentiles sucked by my sister.


uhhhm try decompiling it then recompiling it to .bsp from whatever editor, then decompile it to .vmf, place entities fix stuff then recompile?

I have worked with the Halo Editing kit, and the model of the map is .bsp, but for obvious reasons it will not work in source.
There is no way to convert.

That’s because you never have any brushes, IIRC halo maps are made in a modeling program like 3ds max then exported with a tool in the HEK.

Have you tried loading it into Crafty?


never mind, it returns an error on line 0…

Decompile it then try to get it over to maya or something take ages to compile then put it in source and Laugh at the insane lag?

if Sketchup accepts obj importing (I’m not sure, I hardly use sketchup), you could port it over with the sketchup VMF exporter from Valve.

That guy pretty much restated what I said but logically.


Your method mentioned Maya, mine was sketchup, maya can’t export into brushwork, only props.


I’ve been trying to get the map to decompile with HEKPlus, As soon as i click on a menu, the program crashes in 7, I’m going to try compatibility mode.


It’s more complicated than I thought, I’m giving up



Take some pics and make it yourself. If you’re talking about Ocarina of Time (don’t check spelling if it’s wrong), then it shouldn’t be hard to make.

Well, see, the problem is is that im too wrapped up in another project of mine, doing a complete replica of Luigi’s Mansion for some interesting Build and RP. The Legend of Zelda map would just be a nice thing to release to the community, i have no intentions to claiming it for myself or anything. Just want it out there so people can have fun too! So, if ANYONE has ANY idea’s on how we can make this work, other than me making a whole new map, let me know. PLEASE.

If not, then i guess i got a new project to work on as soon as i finish the Luigi’s Mansion map.

No offence but when I saw this thread it looked like it said " I could use an onion" :confused:

HEKplus is very unstable on vista and 7.

that makes the BSP into an OBJ file.

By the way OP.
Your avatar scares the fuck out of me.

Same to you.

Wouldn’t it be easier to look around for maps like this for Source? I think I’ve seen a few for Counter-Strike or something…

Awesome, I’ll probably see if I can get that imported via sketchup, then make a few optimization changes, then compile for gmod. I’ll see if I can get working on it during this week or at the latest this weekend.

Well you pick up a few things when you play a game for 3 years.


thank you

Read this as “I could use an onion”

Late bro

Thanks for the help fella’s.
If you do somehow manage to get it working, you get full credit for converting and everything required to bring this to Garrys Mod. Just make sure to give The original makers thier credit!
All though this converting business seems to be a hassle.


I can’t thank you enough, dude.
This is a great map if you’ve ever played it, and i can almost promise you that this will be VERY, VERY, VERY popular among the Gmod community, so you’ll get some form of popularity, too.

Make a WIP thread on the Luigi’s Mansion map, I want to see that shit.

If it works on sketchup, wouldn’t you have a lot of optimizing to do?