Porting a Model to SFM, Need Somebody To Fix A Rigging Error

Hello Facepunch! I’ve been working on a model from a mobile game called Subway Surfers and have run into a rigging error. Look at this video:
The point is that the vertex groups on the head are messed up and I need someone to fix them.
I would do It myself but I suck with anything 3d. Also I used an online automatic rigger called Mixamo to rig it.

I don’t see what’s wrong?

Re-examine the video the jaw “deforms” weirdly when I rotate the head bone

Sorry for the bump, but this thread is still on page 1 so whatever. This is an issue of weight painting. You need to increase the weight for the head bone around the neck/jaw area so it doesn’t deform as much. Right now the head probably looks like it does on the left, when it should look more like the right. Play around with it in weight painting mode.

Thanks for the help! I’ll try it out later :slight_smile: