Porting an SFM model to Garry's Mod

A while back, I asked someone if he could re-rig my Spartan model for use in Garry’s Mod. This was back in September, and unfortunately, he never got back to me, so it either A. Didn’t work as planned or B. He moved on.

I’m thinking of re-rigging it myself, seeing as I’ve gone for so long without any update from him. I wonder if anyone could help me with porting the model from Source Filmmaker to Garry’s Mod, please?

This is the model in question. Shout out to Soul for helping me set up the model for SFM!

Any help is surely appreciated! Thanks!

You just need to make a collision model and add some stuff in the qc.

Btw you only want ragdolls right? I can port it just post the files here or pm me.

Yeah, just a simple ragdoll would be fine.

Done. Check yer inboxz

Got it. Thanks for the help!