Porting ANIMATED models from the n64?

Hey, I have been porting models from perfect dark 64, through an emulator plugin. This is nice, but I was wondering if there was any other way to port WITH animations, instead of just the current scene

sorry if this has been asked before

I’m pretty sure there isnt a way, depending on the game it might have tools to extract with bones, but I dont think very many n64 games would have tools, so 3dx ripper is the only way, correct me if im wrong

Indeed. It’s either Project64 or 1964 that allows you to rip models from the games using 3D Ripper. I forgot which one though.

I thought 3D Ripper could record animations though?

it just gets the mesh in the pose that is in the game

Nope you’re thinking of gameassassin. And even then it has to be a PC game. No emulators.

It shouldn’t be difficult to recreate such basic animations.

There’s a ripper that can rip animations, but it costs money and is written in korean.