porting battlefield vietnam models (WARNING PROBABLY NOT GOING TO BE DONE WELL)

im installing battlefield vietnam right now, and for my first attampt at porting am going to try to get the models. so if anyone wants to help smooth them out or help me get them go ahead

this link for the first files are here,

they arent not fully ported yet

and now to the new link, for file zip #2

as usual, not ported. still need some help with that. but i got 10+ frames of vehicles and different weapons plus the textures so if anybody can do something with this, go ahead. sadly all i got was tanks and jeeps, i didnt have much time to get the frames.

if anyone wants a specific model let me know, you might have to fully port it yourself though

and if you do port it to Garry’s mod or something just credit me 0.001% just for getting the files


Hope this Turns out Well

so do i, but im going to need someone to help with… well alot.

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ok so now a question, is it illegal to publish said ported models?

Yeah technically, but nobody cares. The only developer I’ve known to ever take actual action is Bohemia Interactive, who threatened some legal action against somebody who ported some ArmA models to GMod.

And the only developer I know that has an agreement where users can port textures/models freely is for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl.

ok, aaand ok ive managed to get ONE model done, a vietnamese soldier with a submachine gun (looks like a mac11 or something) but i have never dont this stuff before so it could be awhile, anyone want to speed up the process and ill gladly send you some of the files

well done isnt the word, ive managed to get one soldier model ported, textures are where im stuck at the moment.

ok so about 2 hours later and all i have is the ak model, and im not even sure if i did it right. anyone wanna take it up from here? ive got the model, some interesting materials (posters, the material for the ak, something that could be an interesting particle effect) and all that needs to be done is exporting it or something, i dont know. im tired but quite a few ideas came up while i was looking through the materials. can anyone say “Vietnam HUD”? anyway i would need someone who knows lua well to help, and message me if you want the files

No shit, Sherlock.

no because the person who i gave the files to thought it was the bad company 2 addon, so i figured clarifying it wouldnt hurt

anyway, right now the files are being finished (i think, i handed them over to acekiller 45)so they may or may not be done in awhile. i dont know. ill try to get more things next time, i was just rushed for time and it was my first try at it.

It’s good that you’re porting from BFV, but EoD2 models are in beter quality.

(To clarify, Eve of Destruction is a Battlefield 2 mod wit Vietnam things etc.)

And don’t even think about porting layermodels to SOURCE, because they look like shit. Try to port some vehicles instead.

will do, i wanted to port the Vietnamese amphibian vehicle, i just didnt get the chance. but the ak model seems… stubby, and scrunched up, much shorter than it normally is. ill assume he will fix it. but until then i think im going to keep porting models to him and trying to make a vietnam hud. and if anyone wants to help, let me know. it will make things go much easier and quicker

haha i ended up getting banned for “make a blog” because i was freaking the hell out, anyways i still havent heard from ace killer. so im assuming hes working on it or something, but anyway im going to try porting the tanks and other vehicles, only problem being the hueys, which the blade in blender is just a square, not sure whats up there.

It’s blurred rotor, genius. It’s OK.

gah im new to this shit. lol i thought it would be something like it showed every possible place the blades could be or something. but im back home now! i just need someone to help port the rest of the models, i tried and horribly fucked up

Haha, I remember that ArmA Argument.

I can try, but I don’t have BF:V…

thats why i can send you the files, i think it mostly includes the materials but ill make sure to get the vehicle models

So, if you can, try to pack model files and materials into a rar file and send it to me.

And, major question: are you riiping the models or importing them into you modelling software?

i tried both, ripping actualy went ok, but importing is where i got screwed up. ill get the frames and stuff into a file in a bit, right now just use the link at the top. it has the ak model and some textures, if someone finds a good use for it let me know

ok and i am back! and if anyone one wants to make this process so much easier and explain how to fully port models then i would be grateful

P.S i am trying to get the tanks but unfortunately my mind has wandered to thinking of how to get the body cout g36c

and the rest of them

NEW FILES! look at the top for the link, and info