Porting Battlefront II Models + Animations into 3DS Max

Hi guys, i’ve been searching through the internet but a lot of the links are dead, Filefront is dead, gametoast(a site i got recommended to visit) seems also dead, at least for today, and i would like to know how to port the models and animations of the game into 3ds max to mess with them.

Why is this? Well, basically i want to learn about game development And i’ve been coding a game for a little while(almost a week, not a big deal), however, since i’m making the animations myself, it’s taking me a lot (even if the models are not mine, which speeds up but you know, animation takes a lot too).

Also i’ve seen a lot of BF2 mods lately and they look really cool, if it’s not really hard to make i might get into making some at some point maybe, i don’t know.

My point is not in making a game to sell it by any means, but i believe that if you work with something that you really like, in this case, Star Wars, i will work better to learn about how things work, and i’ll eventually got the knowledge to do what i want. I know it sounds stupid, but it works for me at least, i don’t know. Some people told me to get the free assets from the Unity store but they all look so awful and ugly that it really draws me back.

Now about the game i’ve been doing it’s kinda messy so far because it’s taking me a lot to do the stuff since the animations take a little while to do each one.

You can see everything looks kind of messy even though i’ve worked at it for days, but nothing really outstanding. Just an inventory system and basic movement + dodges (can’t show the dodges because they are messed in game but i can show them in 3ds.


^That’s the crappy dodge i was talking about, i had to remove it because anim layer issues so i can’t show it in.


That’s a little i did, 2 separate animation sets for different weapons, movement and idle stuff.

Nothing from this (script wise) was ripped from anywhere and i coded everything myself, even the mecanim, which is basically the point i guess, but still looks like shit. :what:

Anyways, Since Battlefront II involves third person, first person, and vehicle mechanics, which includes air and ground vehicles, i find it’s the perfect game to learn and if i have all the assets and animations to mess and ready to go i’ll get to it faster.

Basically, i wanted to know if getting the troops with the full animation sets is possible and if it is i would like to take a look at them as long as you feel it’s right to do so, maybe this is something bad to do, if it is i do apologize for it :saddowns:

Thanks in advance.
Seyren :hiddendowns:

Try this: .msh importer for swbf2: https://github.com/Schlechtwetterfront/xsizetools

It requires this: http://www.fileplanet.com/148790/download/Half-Life-2---SOFTIMAGE|XSI-Mod-Tool-v6

Crap, I didn’t realize you wanted to export things.

.lvl extractor: http://www.gamefront.com/files/3676830/_LVL_Extractor

Alright, i managed to get it in XSI, i’ll just transfer it to 3ds max and done, thanks!

I’m trying to figure out how the LVL extractor works, since i don’t seem to get the arguments right, do you know in what order should i put the stuff?

If not, i’ll try to figure out myself and anyways, with what you gave me is enough as long as i don’t have to extract from the LVL (which will be soon but well i can try to find them extracted already :P)

Anyways, thanks a lot!

LVL extractor can be useful for getting textures, but not much else. There’s no way to decompile the munged assets as there’s no demunger in the mod tools.

Then how do people actually get the animations? I mean aren’t the .msh resources in the LVL packages?

They’re munged. Acutally, they’re munged twice. The individual animation mshs are munged into zaabin and zafbin files. Those are then munged into whatever they are needed for.