Porting CS:GO maps to CS:S/GMOD/HL2/....

Well as the title says, I need help with porting CS:GO maps to any of the
older Source games. (so I can open the maps inside Crafty and then export them as .obj’s for later use in Cinema4D)

I have already posted the details of the issue on reddit. (but I haven’t gotten a useful response yet, so I came here in hope of better luck.)

reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/csmapmakers/comments/4a5glv/csgocss_porting_csgo_maps_to_css/

I can provide all the screenshots of the described issue if needed.

if you dl bspsrc 1.3.21 and decompile but change the .vmf version to 2004 -2009 version you’ll then beable to open the vmf in HL2 EP2 Hammer you then just need to fix any error that migt be there when you do a compile, you sould also beable to extract models and materials packed in the bsp :slight_smile:

We’ve got a thread that explains how to port maps from older games. It’s been written a while ago however the way everything is explained in it still works, just follow what it’s written out and you shouldn’t have any problems. I dont think the batch creates “.dx80.vtx” when running the models, so you might need to make those yourself.

Yeah, I saw that Exploders, but something just wasn’t working for me and I can’t figuere out what (custom models aren’t textured in hammer, nor ingame. When I ran a VTF version changer basically all everything was black-purple checkerboards (even skybox/clips/triggers) except the custom models which were textured correctly now).

taz0, thanks for the info, I will try that now and report if I had any luck.

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Ok, so I did what taz0 said and all models are loaded into Hammer but a lot of textures are missing and when I try to import a map into Crafty basically all materials and models are there, but alot of them are looped and missing. I tried changing the VTF version to (7.4 I believe (original 7.5 I guess)) but when I did that and ran Hammer, it just instantly crashed.

Also Exploders, CS:GO exports .vtx and “.dx90.vtx” files but no “.dx80.vtx” files. If I run a reconstructor script thats creates “.dx80.vtx” and “.dx90.vtx” I would get a file named “.dx90.dx80.vtx” so that script isn’t working properly for CS:GO now. And making around 5000 files myself wouldn’t be really good :frowning: Do you maybe know of another script that can make this? Or maybe a script that deletes only “.dx90.vtx” files and then just re-creates both “.dx80.vtx” and “.dx90.vtx” from existing “.vtx”?