Porting DarkRP server from windows to Linux, admin system broken.

Hi, I have recently been working on a DarkRP server, I decided to do so on my normal day to day computer and then port it over to my server for convenience sake.
Well, I copied over all the essential parts of the server to my server wich is running Linux Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop, and everything is working except the group system is completely screwed.
I have my rank superadmin as I can spawn anything I’d like, even use jail/tp ETC using the TAB menu. But when I attempt to use a command such as /jailpos I get prompted with a message saying I need to be an admin or mayor.
I haven’t missed copying any files as I even tried copying the server as a whole over once, and the problem still accours.
There are no error messages in the console, it just doesn’t want to accept me as superadmin even with the exact same files as on windows where it worked perfectly.
What am I missing here? this has made me go through 6 frustrating hours of constantly trying new things with no success.

Try making a new server on linux then copy over the addons and then copy over the sv.db file.

Thanks, it worked, should’ve thought about this before. Such a simple fix!