Porting Dragon Age models to Gmod

I really need help here, I am fully set up with a nice model of the dragon age broodmother, already has bones and skin applied to it, and I really cannot go here onward on my own, I desperately need tutorials that were surprisingly lacking from google’s search results, and I’m not joking, I spent roughly 5 hours now trying to firstly get the dragon age models all well into 3ds max and then finding out that my very basic (prop-like as a test) model of the broodmother is missing textures, and it simply won’t fix. So please just anyone tell me where I can find really professional tutorials on porting things to gmod, more precisely, something that could possibly also have a faq that deals with texture errors or an advanced tutorial on how to implement fully boned ragdolls in gmod. I really sincerely apologize if I did miss any obvious information on things related to this and/or this might even not be the right section to post because it’s not entirely related to only gmod discussion so please don’t permaban me right away.

No not anyone? There must be some new, updated tutorials on how to compile models for source and what is allowed as an input for the engine in form of a 3d model, like mine, which I obviously don’t know whether or not to be acceptable in any form to implement in gmod. So I was messing around anyhow the past 2 days and I managed to get a very simple ragdoll into gmod with fucked up skin-to-bone behaviour and collisions because I didn’t know how to use its original bones yet and instead took the valve bones from gmod or css playermodels. Now well. I still need to absolutely know how to ragdoll something, without using default valve bones, into gmod. And most importantly I need some kind of guide to introduce me to .qc commands so that I finally will be able to understand anything other than hurfderf.
Please someone reply and help me out here, dont want to waste another 6 hours looking for informative text in google while constantly listening to the same playlist over and over again.
I also noticed fpsbanana tutorials and am trying to look into each and every related one, but I want to be able to rely on someone other to help me, too.

You may want to try the Modeling Section, as they specialize in this stuff (there is also a chance this has been done already) http://www.facepunch.com/forums/40-Models-Skins

I searched the archive and the modeling section and well, as expected there weren’t any new models added to dragon age origins since last time I visited these threads, thank you though I didn’t really realize I could use the section as an alternate help forum too.