Porting from Armored Core 4

Exactly what it says on the title. Since this was never released on pc and x360/ps3 emulators aren’t much yet 3dripper is out of question. Anyone know if traditional extraction is possible? Perhaps with noesis?

Noone? Sigh, I guess I’ll have to wait until rpcs3 runs this and use 3dripper then.
It’s not like FromSoft would do the smart thing and release AC4-5 on pc. Or make a new AC game.

Actually, someone know what program was used to extract from Dark souls? ACV uses the same engine, so it could work for it too.

I seem to recall seeing some of the models on here http://www.cgmodel.cn/forum-119-1.html?sid=116|117 the only bad part is you have to sign up to download if the file is not VIP, and you only get 8 download points.