Porting From Driver: San Fransisco?

Hey guys, I’ve got a question:

So I’m working on a custom Chevy Blazer Model and I’m going to be putting in an interior soon. Now, I am a shit modeler when it comes to the more organic shapes they had for interiors during the early 2000s, so I’m wondering if anyone here knows if it’s possible to rip models from Driver: San Fransisco. In that game they have the dashboard and steering wheel that I’m looking for, As well as the door panels. If someone has ripped from it, could they post a tutorial, or get the model themselves? I don’t have the game for PC and even if I did my gaming rig is out of commission at the moment, so if they could rip the model and send it my way for work that would be great. Even if the only thing that you could do is link me to a tutorial, I’d still appreciate it.

If you actually read all of that, Thanks for reading.

only possible on 32-bit systems with 3dripper/ninjaripper from what i know

Well, my old tower is a 32-bit Vista system, so that could be workable once I get that thing moved and set back up. Thanks for the tip